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Complete Employer is a full-service payroll solution, built for small to mid-sized businesses, that puts people first.

Our Story

When it comes to payroll, you need more than powerful software. You need real human service. That’s why we combine the world’s best technology with custom-built strategies and direct, friendly, customer support. With our bespoke services, you’ll have all the help you need.

Employees are the pulse of every business. We take the time to get to know your team on a personal level, and then we put together a full suite of solutions just for you. It’s the best way to see a strong ROI on the most valuable asset of all: your employees.

We believe small businesses have to think big to make their vision a reality. And that takes a lot of hustle. Sure, our friendly vibe might say Hawaiian shirts, Mai Tais, and ping-pong, but we’re HR experts who know how to roll up our sleeves and get down to work.

No matter your role, we know that running a business is stressful. At Complete Employer, our job is to cut down stress, pump up results, and give you greater peace of mind. Welcome to powerful payroll with a personal touch.

How can we we help?

We know how it goes. You’re trying to increase productivity, improve retention, motivate employees, and throw in a little growth hacking. It never ends. And problems always pop up at the worst possible moments. With Complete Employer on your side, you’ll have around-the-clock superhero support. We’re ready to swoop in and pull you out of those sticky situations.Still, even when things are going well, basic HR and payroll tasks take up massive amounts of time. From calculating hours, to solving employee concerns, to staying compliant, it’s constant. So, hand the admin over to us. With all the time you’ll save, you can focus on bigger things, like generating revenue and building the business you love.

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New hire onboarding


Workers Compensation

What makes Complete Employer different?

When you give us a call, we’re here. No transfers. No hand-offs. You’re directly connected to a real support specialist for a real conversation. Each of our friendly experts is ready to work through your challenges and solve your issues.

There’s nothing cookie-cutter about what we do. We identify the areas to streamline for you, then adapt our approach to meet your needs. Whether your HR department is a team of one or a team of many, you’ll enjoy custom-tailored strategies and solutions. That’s the power of pairing first-class technology with boutique-style service.

At the end of the day, we’re not selling a product. We’re offering a partnership. We’re here to listen, educate, and empower you to increase your bottom line — and to help improve your company culture. We want to become an extension of your team, because we’re just as invested in your success as you are.

Why Should I Switch to Complete Employer?

If you’re a CEO launching your first startup, you have a million things to keep track of. Employee laws and regulations can sneak up on you, and even lead to fines or penalties. Fortunately, we’ve got your back. We provide tools to keep you up to date, help you manage your cash flow, and forecast for a growth-filled future. From implementation to data entry, we take care of it all.

Scaling up? We’ll get you there faster, with less hassle. After we de-clutter that old filing cabinet and streamline your processes, you’ll enjoy greater efficiency while your employees enjoy greater transparency.

Hey, HR managers: are you inundated with a flurry of payroll adjustments? Is your phone buzzing with employee relations issues? No worries. We’ll handle those calls for you. And once employees have access to your new cloud-based system, many of those calls will simply disappear. It’s like magic.

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Our Technology

We didn’t just go with any payroll provider. We partnered with the best in the world.

ADP RUN is the premiere payroll, compliance, and HR software for small and mid-sized businesses. It’s smarter, simpler, and more affordable. It’s no surprise that RUN is used (and loved) by over 400,000 businesses and 70,000 single-person startups.

Plus, with Complete Employer, you don’t just get a payroll provider. You get a support team that helps you overcome any obstacles that come your way. Our service professionals are ADP RUN experts who know it inside and out, so you’re never left scratching your head.

We also make things easy on your budget. Our wholesale partnership with ADP RUN means you don’t just get best-in-class technology, you get wholesale prices. And because it’s all paired with our signature white glove service, you won’t find this kind of package anywhere else.

What our users are saying

Find out why our users keep using Complete Employer

Complete Employer has saved us time and money for our company of 60 employees. They created our employee handbook, reduced payroll errors, and saved us 28% on payroll administration fees. They even walked us step-by-step through a worker’s compensation audit. You just can’t get that kind of customer service from a big payroll company’s call center.”

Alex CabadaDirector @ G.C Construction & Consulting Services, LLC

We’ve been so fortunate to open three locations for our restaurant and we’ve got our hands full. Complete Employer tailored a system to our specific needs for improved visibility and transparency, resulting in better cash flow for a profitable business. We can count on their ‘round the clock customer support to make sure we’re 100% compliant with labor laws and maximizing our income.

Jimmy CareyOwner @ Jimmy’z Kitchen Restaurants

Payroll errors are a thing of the past since we hired Complete Employer and we’re astonished at how much money they’ve saved us with their acute attention to detail. Processing new employee paperwork and maintaining existing personnel files is a breeze and it gives us great peace of mind knowing we can reach them anytime we have questions or concerns.

Richard & Al McDonnoughOwners @ 3 Chefs & A Chicken

Biz Nest is part of a rapidly expanding industry of co-workspaces and because this concept is still in its infancy, we need to make sure every employee in our growing network of businesses is taken care of. We’ve had such success with Complete Employer that they’ve made us a Preferred Payroll Partner so we can refer them to existing and new members of Biz Nest and other start-ups can enjoy their wealth of resources and stellar customer service.

Christian SilvestreDirector @ Biz Nest

Complete Employer worked diligently with one of their trusted insurance brokers to provide us with an affordable and thorough workers comp policy that protects our business and employees. Since we began working with them, Complete Employer has helped save us money by getting rid of payroll errors and productivity is up, meaning we can invest more time and money into our brand.

Cynthia Fernandez OcasioController @ Master Road Finishers Corp.

Complete Employer helped set up our payroll system and brought our small business out of the dark ages. Their friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive service has helped make everything from our taxes to our insurance policies so much easier to manage so it allows us to focus on our clients.

Stephanie CruzShop Manager @ Ocho Placas Tattoo Company